Friday, March 13, 2015

Suicide Among Preteens

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in older children’s (even for preteens or children at the age of 9 to 12 years old, suicide is the leading causes of death) and teens. In fact in 2005 over 1800 teenagers died from committing suicide or making it the third leading cause of death. Worldwide, about 90,000 teens commit suicide each year (that means around 10 teens die from committing suicide every hour), with about four million suicide attempts.
The reason for this terrible increase in suicide cases are yet unsure but people have many theories that include children to have increased access to hunting equipment’s such as all kinds of guns and knives and people often don’t lock them up away from their children.
It has also been an enormous increase in alcohol abuse drug use at young age. Another leading theory is that the rise in teen suicides may be because fewer teens are being treated with antidepressants when they have depression (also mood disorders and chronic anxiety) and untreated depression is itself a risk factor for suicide, fewer teens taking antidepressants could have the unintended effect of leading to more suicides.
A lot of children have been physically and mentally assault that changes a little child’s life forever and if it doesn’t get the help it need it can cause a huge damage to their future and that can also lead to suicide.
Eating disorders can also lead to suicide because of the lack of self-esteem.   So as you can see a lot can get your kid or even you friend to commit suicide. 
But one of the biggest rates of kids that have suicide thoughts or have committed suicide is being bullied or has been bullied.
I think that we don’t talk enough about suicide among our younger generation. Even though it’s thought it’s just one of those things people have to talk about. You can’t go around feeling bad or feel sorry for yourself without telling someone what’s wrong.
In most cases children won’t or think that they can’t talk about their feelings with other don’t even their parents. Even though it’s not right they just think that is better not to worry other people about their feelings. So you parents out there take some of your time and talk to your children regularly have a household dinner and talk about how  they are doing in school and if they like it  there or if there are any problem in school or other places.
The worst thing ever is when you blame yourself when someone commits suicide. Believe me it is never your fault, even though you just argued or fought with the person shortly before. So always remember that it is never ever your fault.   


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